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Livia Müller, dental implant in Istanbul

I had my dental implants via Swisslasik and I am very glad. Treatment was in the same quality with the one here, the only difference was the price of the treatment and the medicines. Doctors and the staff were very friendly. MD. Bilhan speaks German and English very well. Despite the time is very limited, doctors worked for me especially until late hours in the evening. Besides, transfers from and to the airport was very good. It gave me a trust-worthy impression. Therefore, from now on, I will always prefer Istanbul for my other treatments, as well. I recommend Swisslasik.

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Buche deine Augenlaser-OP im März oder über Ostern und spare Zeit und Geld!



Swisslasik organizes Opens internal link in current window(lasik) laser eye treatment in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya and at the best eye clinics and hospitals of Turkey.

Thanks to advanced technologies, it now possible to have a clearer sight to a great extent without having additional supports to improve sight such as eye-glasses, to a great extent. Millions of people have benefited from this possibility by deciding to have a laser eye operation and thus Turkey has become an indispensable center for Lasik surgeries. Besides, this country has a large number of places that you might like to see with your own eyes once they are treated and regain their health after your surgery.

In this page, you may find detailed information on the services provided by Swisslasik such as the leading laser eye clinics and hospitals in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir providing service such as Opens internal link in current windoweye surgeries (Opens internal link in current windowLASIK, Opens internal link in current windowLASEK, lens implantation) and LASIK for treating the sight deficiencies as well as the other details regarding Opens internal link in current windowyou visit to Turkey for your laser eye surgery.

It is Swisslasik’s target to ensure that your dream of having “a life without lenses or eye-glasses” by means of a highest medical and organizational quality in the most beautiful cities of Turkey. You find the information on the services and prices for the Helath travel and laser eye treatment here.

We help you by offering a high quality laser eye surgery in world famous laser eye clinics. LASIK and laser eye surgeries are safe and for a reasonable price in Turkey in addition to the latest technologies, hygiene and quality. Moreover, all the institutions have international quality certification for your safety.

Laser eye treatment and its surgical applications have become well-known thanks to Facts news in Switzerland as well as the  „Puls" medical news program on SF1, a Swiss TV channel.

Hundreds of our patients became satisfied thanks to our experience and knowledge of long years. You may also read the experiences of our patients treated with laser here.

Swisslasik also offers the below services in Swisslasik quality:

- Dental treatment applications n Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Kusadasi and Bodrum such as Dental Imolant (denture), Veneer, dental crown, and teeth whitening

- Aesthetic surgeries  such as breast reduction and enlargement, liposuction, face lifting, nose and ear reshaping, eye lied lifting, hair transplantation
- In vitro fertilization treatments such as IVF, ICSI in Istanbul and Antalya


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