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Hair transplantation is a wise solution to hair loss

In case hair loss is based on genetic inheritance or hormonal reasons, hair loss occurs on the hair line, nape and forehead. In addition, insensitive hair roots at the back of your neck are not affected by hair loss. Modern hair transplantation makes use of this fact and they ensure that hair roots are wisely spread and that natural hair constantly grows.

Recently, hair transplantation has had a rapid progress. Thanks to modern and micro surgical technologies, it is now possible to have hair roots from the abundant hair areas and to transplant them into the areas where hair loss is seen.

Highly aesthetic results

The best natural results which cannot be easily realized by the others can be only attained by the help of a professional expert. These are expert doctors having assistants, who have been working on studies of hair loss as well as ways of preventing.

Transplanted hair roots grow healthy for a life time and therefore, hair transplantation becomes a permanent solution. Impressive result: following the healing process of the surface wound, hair roots start growing permanent and healthy hair within two or three months’ time. This newly growing hair can be washed, cut, shaped by setting, dyed and waved permanently.

The latest hair transplantation methods are applied at the hospitals we work with. Here are some exemplary application types:

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the latest technology not only in Turkey but also in the world. In this method, the sample from living hair roots are removed from the area with abundant hair and then applied to the area started to getting bald. The result is highly natural. FUE is the most modern and update treatment technology for hair transplantation.

In comparison to FUT treatment, this method is different in terms of having grafts directly from the hair roots inside the skin. In this procedure, there is no surgical incision and therefore, there is no scar. In a very short period of time, it is possible to see that hair grows abundantly. Both techniques have the same plantation application; yet, the only difference is about grafts. Both hair transplantation methods provide the desired success.

When should you prefer FOLLIKEL UNIT EXTRACTION?

FUE is a better method when you would like to have en brosse? haircut (shorter than 0.5 cm) in your post transplantation period as it does not cause scars in areas where hair roots are picked.

Sometimes, there are not enough abundant areas that might provide adequate amount of hair roots for transplantation. In that case, FUE method also allows transplantation by means of other body hairs. However, these have to be your own. In time, these body hairs adjust themselves to the features of your hair, to some extent. Besides, FUE method is also recommended for transplantation operation on young people with a flexible skin.

Stages on FUE treatment:

  • In pre-transplantation process, the hair on the back of your neck is shaved and a large area is prepared.
  • Local anaesthesia is applied to the areas where hair roots should be picked.
  • Until attaining adequate number of grafts, it may require a few hours.
  • Later on, hair roots are planted by means of surgical methods.

How long does the treatment take?

This type of treatment lasts for about 3 or 5 hours. You might need to spend 2 days for complete hair transplantation, in general. However, this might vary from person to person. Please send the photos listed below to augen@swisslasik.ch address via e-mail, so that we can plan your treatment:

A front look of your slightly lowered head

Profile look

Top view

The area where the hair roots are picked (the back of your neck)

Once the photos are received, our doctors will inform you about whether your hair is suitable for a hair transplantation, which method is better and how many grafts you will need for a satisfactory result.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

FUE hair transplantation for men