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Livia Müller, dental implant in Istanbul

I had my dental implants via Swisslasik and I am very glad. Treatment was in the same quality with the one here, the only difference was the price of the treatment and the medicines. Doctors and the staff were very friendly. MD. Bilhan speaks German and English very well. Despite the time is very limited, doctors worked for me especially until late hours in the evening. Besides, transfers from and to the airport was very good. It gave me a trust-worthy impression. Therefore, from now on, I will always prefer Istanbul for my other treatments, as well. I recommend Swisslasik.

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Refractive surgery


The target of refractive surgery is to correct sight deficiencies via operative methods.

This area in ophthalmology is a field of expertise in helping those with sight deficiencies and experiencing problems with their eyeglasses or lenses.

Thanks to a surgical interference on the cornea or lenses, it aims at correcting the sight deficiencies in a way to reflect light beams and images accurately and clearly on the retina without the support of additional visual aids.


Overview at all operations

Innovative methods of refractive surgery that have been being applied for years, brought up new opportunities in ophthalmology

Operations are generally divided into two as lens procedures and cornea procedures





Excimer laser

-       LASIK

-       LASEK

-       PRK




-       IOL

-       Intacs

-       Multifocal lenses


Overall treatment methods with dioptres

Cornea operations
Femto-LASIK/LASIKup to -12 dpt*up to  +5 dptup to 4.5 dpt-
LASEK/PRKup to  -8 dptup to  +3 dptup to  3 dpt-
Supracor Lasikyesyes
Lens operations 
Kamra Inlayyes
IOL Between -8 bis -25 dptBetween +5 bis +13 dptAll valuesyes
IntacsBetween -1 bis -4 dptup to 1 dpt-
Multifocal lensesyes

Cornea applications (Excimer laser method)

The word ‘excimer’ derives from the term “excited dimer” in English; that is cell manipulation via cold beam laser. In medicine, laser is used for different areas.

Since the beginning of 80s, Excimer-Laser has been used in eye surgeries. Excimer laser is applied for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatic treatments and reduces the period of treatment to the minimum.

There are three different methods applied with Excimer Laser

  1. LASIK = situ keratomileusis laser (Standard/ Femto/ Supracor)
  2. LASEK = Laser (Sub) epithelial keratectomy
  3. PRK =  photo refractive keratectomy

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Lens operation
Surgical operation with lenses is preferred for very high breaking mistakes where a complete correction on cornea is especially not possible via eye laser. This method is also used in presbyopia corrections.

There has been an experience on implanting lenses for almost 50 years. The first artificial lens was used to correct sight deficiency in 1950s. 

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