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I had four surgeries (fallopian tube pregnancy). After this, we decided in vitro fertilization treatment.  However, we couldn’t achieve a successful result in Switzerland. I had six in vitro treatments and they all became unsuccessful.  One day in May 2011, my husband made a web search and he found Swisslasik for IFV treatment in Turkey. There was a seminar in Zurich on another day and there we met Swisslasik and we contacted it. Then, we decided to have an in vitro treatment in Turkey. Swisslasik organized everything for us, including the flight, welcoming service etc. We flew to Turkey and now we are very happy.  Acıbadem was a very good hospital, it was very clean, hygienic and its staff was very sincere and cheerful. Treatment lasted for about 10 or 12 days, and the operation had no problem. My surgery was on 17.07.11 and then the successful transfer took place on 22.07.11. Then we went to Switzerland. The only thing we were supposed to do here was to have our blood tested by our family doctor. I received the good news on the same day, the result was positive! We were very happy after several trials. We found the happiness in Turkey. The result was a success and our dream came true. I recommend this experience to anyone. Your happiness awaits somewhere; we’ve found ours in Turkey!

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are that artificial dental roots placed onto jawbones. Once they are stabilized, they help dental crowns, bridges or prosthesis be anchored.



Implants are consisted of tissue-friendly materials (such as Titanium) that are easily tolerated by the jawbone without causing any sensitivity or irritation. They may be used on the jawbone for 10 years or more.
On certain occasions, guarantee is not provided. Usually, in order to operate on implant, it has to get used to its place and enhance its strength. The type of implant is selected based on your special problem and jaw type via measurements etc.

Which implants are used?

One of the implants below is used depending on the result of first medical check:

    • Straumann, Swiss origin
    • ITI, Swiss origin
    • Astra, Swiss origin
    • Frialit-Xive, German origin

Lifecore, American origin
    • Biohorizons, American origin
    • Zimmer, American origin


    1. Planning

    In case the first examination shows that implantation is possible and efficient for you, following procedure should be planned very well. This requires various examinations and notifications: x-rays, model planning, doctor examinations. It is very important that you know your corporation as a patient is required in the post-implantation period. A perfect oral hygiene, particularly for the implant supports, has to be sustained. You will be informed in details about that.

    2. Surgical Treatment

    As implant does not usually require inpatient treatment, it is applied as an outpatient treatment with local anaesthesia. Similar to all oral surgeries, temporary swelling on lips and cheeks or sometimes blood blister might occur. Pain is very rare. Sometimes, during the operation, it might be revealed that implant is not applicable despite a detail analysis done beforehand. In that case, surgical treatment needs  a brake.

    3. Healing period

    Once implants are placed, healing and consolidation period for implants lasts between three and six months before the procedure goes on. In the meantime, the patient has to be careful why chewing in order not to damage implants.

    4. Complications

    There is no risk-free treatment. There is always infection risk but that does not cause significant problems. It might be possible that maxillary sinus or nasopharynx in the upper jaw can be opened. However, this does not necessarily cause an unsuccessful result, all the time.

    On the lower jaw, nerves transmitting (not the movements but) the senses of the lower lip might be damaged. In that case, it should be decided whether the implant may remain there or not. However, although these defects are usually temporary, it is still a rare possibility that insensitivity on the lower lip might be permanent.

    Besides, it is also possible that an implant does not fit to its place or does not become strong enough once being healed. Therefore, it might be necessary to remove it due to loosening a few months later. In individual cases, you must consult your doctor whether a new implantation is possible or not.

    5. Post examinations

    There is an infection risk due to inadequate dental care such as inadequate oral hygiene; and that has a significant influence on the life-span of the implant. Therefore, the patient has to follow instructions for oral care, precisely. Regular and periodical checks by the dentist or oral hygiene applicator are very important for an early diagnosis of all possible damages.

    6. Prices

    Implant solutions are performed according to extraordinary and completely individual measurements. Therefore, although it cannot be exactly estimated how long the operation will take; it is possible to have a cost estimate on the treatment costs. You may find the prices here.

    This brochure provides general information on implants. Let us prepare your treatment plan based on your individual condition. We will be glad to answer your questions. Please contact us.

    At the end, you will receive a secure and meticulous implant treatment offering success. However, your participation here is very significant.

    Dental implants in Turkey