Crowns and Bridges


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Dental Crowns
When severe tooth decay causes a significant loss of dental crown or when the dental crown is damaged due to an incident; then it is usually impossible to save the tooth with a filling. Contrary to filling, dental crown help tooth regain its health and strength by covering some part of tooth; that is oral cavity and the remaining part of the tooth, precisely. It has the visual appearance of a very natural tooth.

Depending on the purpose, there are several types of dental crown. What they have in common is that “the dental crown material” has to be prepared in a dental lab once a mould of the root and the oral position surrounding the tooth is taken. Sometimes, dental crown is prepared by faceting out of a ceramic block – although this method is less common. For milk teeth, crowns, prepared beforehand, are used sometimes.

Diastemas (spaces or gaps between two teeth) should be filled in order to restore the complete chewing function as well as to have a pleasant look and to have a sustainable speaking function.

These spaces can be closed via three methods:

  • Dental bridge
  • Implants (artificial dental roots/ screwed artificial tooth)
  • Removable dental prosthesis

To determine the applicability for one of the above treatments depends rather on private and individual cases as well as financial terms.

Fixed replacement teeth (bridges, implants) are generally more expensive in comparison to their alternatives. Yet, they have a better sense of biting and they are very comfortable to use. Despite that, in case there is an irreplaceable damage on the individual’s natural teeth, then extensions might be usually added to the replacement teeth. In terms of cosmetics, it is possible to have efficient and beautiful results from all these methods.

Years of scientific studies have shown that dental bridges have better results in a healthy oral structure in the long run and therefore, they are preferable to prosthesis.

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Veneer Dental Crown

Metal veneer dental crown

Gold bridge

Biologically adopting zircon oxide