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Wir bieten kostenlosen Augenlaserkurzcheck an jederzeit in unserem Büro in Bern oder am 12./13. Januar in der Stadt Zug.



Ihre Behandlung ist auch vom 15. Dezember bis zum 10. Januar möglich!



Wie viel macht eins plus zwei?



Livia Müller, Zahnimplantate in Istanbul

Ich liess über Swisslasik meine Zahnimplantate machen und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Behandlung war keinerlei schlechter als hier. Der einzige Unterschied war der Preis der Behandlung und der Medikamente. Die Ärzte und die Mitarbeitenden waren äusserst freundlich. Dr. Bilhan redet sehr gut deutsch. Obwohl die Zeit knapp war, arbeiteten die Ärzte bis spät am Abend an einem Samstag extra für mich! Auch die Transfers vom und zum Flughafen verliefen reibungslos. Ich habe grosses Vertrauen und gehe sicher für meine weiteren Behandlungen nur noch nach Istanbul. Ich empfehle Swisslasik!

»» Lesen Sie die Erfahrungsberichte unserer zufriedenen Patienten

Our service and prices for your EYE LASER / LASIK trip to Istanbul
Our goal is to help you make your "having a life without eyewear" wish come true, with medical as well as organisational high quality thanks to LASIK (eye laser OP) in a marvellous metropolitan city Istanbul..

Our concept is to be trustworthy, comprehensive and affordable 

We are trustworthy

Since eyes are one of the most important sensory organs, it is not always simple to dare have an eye laser operation.

It makes you even more thoughtful if this should happen abroad. We will show you the safe way.

  • contains not only detailed information about the medical possibilities, but also the associated risks.
  • It is not our goal to persuade you to have an operation.
  • We are the only organisation of Europe, which has the „all-inclusive“principle for an eye operation in Istanbul.

That means, from start to finish you may enjoy our service and must worry about nothing.

  • Furthermore the Clinic gives a lifelong guarantee should you need to take a second operation (occurs very rarely). This operation will be free of charge.
  • Our physicians answer specific medical questions directly and openly.
  • We pay for your trip costs in case of a second operation.

We are comprehensive

We think of everything you need:

  • Free, noncommittal and individual consultation

You can reach us at any time.

  • Detailed pre examination in Switzerland. (optional)

If you have had no examination yet. So that you do not travel to Istanbul for nothing!

  • Group journey (optional)

Would you like to visit the country with a group? Make your experience in Istanbul special. Please check the group travel dates here Please note that these dates are no obligation. We can organise your trip at any time.

  • Flights 

We make suggestions, you decide when and how. You can profit from our special prices from Airlines.

  • Airport-hotel transportation 

The pick-up service brings you to your hotel. This service is no shuttle bus. That means you do not have to spend many hours in Istanbul heavy traffic.

  • Hotel

You may choose from our variety of hotels. The hotels are mostly within short distance of the clinic. The Hotels is so important because an eye operation needs a very clean room. We work only with good and clean hotels.

  • English language support in the clinic

A very important issue is that you understand the operation team. The English-speaking doctors guarantee comprehensive communication.

  • Pre examination in the clinic developed the unique „Double check System“. After the first pre examination in Switzerland, your eyes are examined again thoroughly in Istanbul. This step will make sure that your eyes are ready for the treatment. This system is a result of our principle of our Philosophies“.

  • Eye laser operation in the eye laser clinic

The clinics were selected after a thorough search with local inspections. The quality of the clinics are well known worldwide. More information about the clinic is here.

  • First re-examination on the following day in the clinic

This will allow the operation team to analyse the first results of the operation. This examination is essential. Your travel plan will be adjusted according to this.

  • Istanbul sightseeing (optional)

You can take the opportunity to experience a metropolitan city. We can suggest a programme for you so you can begin your new life with beautiful memories. More information about the city is here.

  • Hotel- airport transportation

The pick-up team will drive you back to the airport

  • Free re-examinations in Switzerland

Until now, patients were disadvantaged having their laser treatment abroad as they often were neglected by the doctor or didn’t have any treatment in Switzerland. has the solution for this; we do not take any chances. The assigned doctors in Zurich, Berne, or Arbon will examine your eyes free of charge (applies for the premium offer) Therefore the healing process of your eyes is guaranteed. (Up to 4 re-examinations in Switzerland up to one year after the operation)

  • Swisslasikpass

It is our unique service. The Swisslasikpass contains all necessary individual information about your stay in Istanbul and the healing process of your eyes. It is as big as a passport, so that you can hold it at any time on your hands. It will be issued individually for you before your departure.

  • Pay for the travel costs of a second operation has only 2 Percent Post operation. We trust the quality of the operation and we pay your travel costs in case you need a second operation.

  • free of charge dental examination (only if you wish) For more information about the dental clinic please click here.


We are affordable makes an eye laser operation now financially possible for all with reasonable prices.

  • Why is it more expensive in Switzerland or somewhere else?

Switzerland and some other industrialized countries belong to the most expensive countries of the world. Expensive staff costs, rents and infrastructure costs are the reasons. Besides, the high-tech machines are extremely expensive. For them to earn money, they need many customers.

  • Why is it more affordable in Istanbul?

For something that costs 100 CHF in Switzerland, one pays only 45 CHF in Turkey. (According to an OECD study).

The fee of a surgeon in Turkey is clearly lower than a Swiss surgeon. Besides, Istanbul alone has almost doubled the population as in Switzerland all together. There are a very high number of patients, which makes it possible to offer affordable prices despite the same procurement costs of high-tech laser machines.

Istanbul welcomes each year thousands of patients from all over the world. That's why can offer you the Swiss quality for a reasonable price.

  • Why should I let organise my travelling? Can I not handle it alone?

You can of course organise it all by yourself. This is however risky. In addition: has the „all inclusive“ principle. We do not neglect the re-examination process when you are back in Switzerland. We think of everything you need concerning an eye operation abroad. We are not only your trustworthy partner until you have the operation, but also afterwards.

Here are our convincing offers:

All prices apply for both eyes.

Offer 1 - Standard Offer

Type of operationOur offer in €Average costs in Europe in €You have saved
Lasik-Lasek (1)1’0904’0002'910 €
Femto-Lasik (1)1’5905’0003'510 €
Presby-Lasik (1) 2’180Not yet in Europe

no more

S-Lasik (optional) (1) 200Not yet in Europeno  more dried eyes
Phakik IOL (1)approx. 3’4306’0002'570 €
Toric ICL (1)approx. 4’2507’0002'750 €
Multifocal Lens (1)approx. 3’4306’0002'570 €
Second operationlifelong free of chargeOnly up to 1 year free of charge


(1) Contains:
+ Free Consulting
+Pre-examination and operation with wave front (if necessary) as well as re-examination on the following day in the clinic.
+The possible second operation free of charge lifelong after the first operation.
+All transportation from/to airport& Hotel& clinic
+Swisslasikpass, Istanbul Map, Introducing CD of Turkey
+ Free of charge dental examination (if you only wish)

Further possibilities:

+ Accommodation with breakfast in Taksim Park City Hotel (4*Hotel): Per night 75 €
+ Accommodation with breakfast in Taksim Gönen Hotel (4* Hotel): Per night 90 €
+ Accommodation with breakfast in Elite Hotel (4* Hotel): Per night 100 €

You can also choose other hotels if you wish. Please do not choose any dirty cheap hotels.

You pay for all first in Istanbul.

Offer 2 - Premium Offer

Type of OperationOur offer in CHFAverage costs in CH in CHFYou have saved
Pre-examination (1)275475200 CHF
Lasik-Lasek (2)approx. 2’9037’2784'376 CHF
Femto-Lasik approx. 3’5388’8515'313 CHF
Presby-Lasik (2)approx. 4’286not yet in CH

no more

S-Lasik (optional) (2)approx. 254not yet in CHno  more dried eyes 
Phakik IOL (2)approx. 6’47811’0004'522 CHF
Toric ICL (2)approx. 7’51912’0004'481 CHF
Multifocal Lens (2)approx. 6’47811’0004'522 CHF
Re-examination (2)includedincluded
Second Operationlifelong free of chargeUntil 1 year free of chargelifelong
Paying travel costs
Up to 500 CHF free

(1) Pre-examination in Switzerland (as an option). This is to pay separately in Switzerland

(2) Contains:
+ free Consultation
+ Flight with Turkish /Swiss/Pegasus Airlines
+ All transportation; Hotel & Clinic
+ 3 nights (for lens implants up to 5 nights) accommodation with breakfast in Taksim Park City Hotel
+ Pre-examination and operation with wave front  as well as re-examinations in the following day in the clinic
+ Up to 4 re-examinations in Switzerland (in Zurich, Berne, or Arbon)
+ the possible second operation free of charge lifelong after the first operation.
+ Paying your travel costs in case of second operation
+ Swisslasikpass, Istanbul Map, Introducing CD of Turkey
+ Free of charge dental examination (if you only wish)
+ Valid payment statement for Switzerland for taxes reduction or private health insurance. (This possibility varies by cantons and insurance companies.)

Further offers

  • No wish to travel alone? No problem! Extra person starting from 400 CHF only
  • Swiss Airlines or Turkish Airlines Business Class on request) Easyjet flies from Basel to Istanbul. You need to book it tough for yourselves.
  • Would you like to see more of Istanbul? Extend your stay: per night Taksim Park City Hotel starting from 96 CHF, You can also choose other hotels if you wish. Please do not choose any dirty cheap hotels.

You pay all to us. So you do not need to take any money with you to Istanbul.

Comparison Standard versus Premium Offer

TransportsFlightHotelExamination in TR
OperationPre-examination in CHPost OPSwisslasik PassTravel costs of post OPStatement of payment

All prices are subject to change without notice. Particularly in high season, flights and hotels prices could increase. does not take any responsibility for the quality of the chosen airline and hotel.

Important notice
On request we can make special offers. One or more of above services you man organise alone such as flight ect.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Istanbul.

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